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TLSchedule was created during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. When schools, gyms, and martial arts studios began to reopen, there was a need to control how many people could join any specific class. Existing tools were lacking. They either didn't allow great control of upper limits, or didn't take family "pods" into account.

Enter TLSchedule. TLSchedule was designed from the ground up to make it easy to set up events and manage reservations. Families can sign up and be counted as a single "reservation". Maximum reservations per week can be set to allow fair reservations. Registration and set up are easy. With an intuitive interface, TLSchedule let's you get back in business safely.


Do you need to manage event reservations and limit the number of attendees? TLSchedule is the solution you need! We make it easy to set up your organization with a clean, easy to understand calendar. You then set up your events and control how many attendees can reserve a spot for each instance of that event. You control the numbers, the schedule, and the members.

Event creation is simple!


Events can be configured with simple or complex rule sets that enable you to successfully manage crucial limits to attendance. The events can handle a wide-range of settings, including the ability to treat an entire family as a single reservation.

Save time by allowing TLSchedule to worry about tracking who has signed up for events and denying reservations beyond per-instance, daily, and weekly quotas!


Each Event has multiple instances, which you can think of as individual time periods for that event. For example, a Taekwondo school could create an Afternoon Training class, with instances happening at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students could be limited to 1 per day and 2 per week, with all nine instances being considered together!

Instances allow multiple events
Reservations allow signup control and management


Keep track of who has signed up for your events. You can deny users who haven't submitted required forms, manually add users to allow additional attendees, and generate custom scheduling reports!


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Starter Professional - Monthly Enterprise
Instances 200 Unlimited Unlimited
Members 25 500 Unlimited
Archival Days 60 365 Unlimited
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